Stories of Recovery
and Transformation

Watch how lives have been changed!

At Sanctuary I was able to get some good coping mechanisms through my therapists and take those little steps towards healing.

Sanctuary Clinics is and could be one of the best decisions you could make in your entire life.

Andrew overcame depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and addictions at Sanctuary Clinics.

Dylan experienced love and truth based on the Word of God at Sanctuary to overcome depression!

Jonathan overcame a decade of anxiety and depression from online bullying at Sanctuary Clinics.

Mary overcame suicidal ideation, postpartum depression and overwhelming guilt at Sanctuary Clinics.

I was a mess when I first come here and I walked in this door and the first thing I felt was love.

Chris overcame Bipolar Disorder, at Sanctuary Clinics.

Kim overcame severe anxiety. In her words the family environment at Sanctuary greatly helped.

Jodie was able to deal with her PTSD, Anxiety and Depression at Sanctuary Clinics.

Jeff found his identity in Christ at Sanctuary, banishing shame and negative emotion for good!

Mark was able to overcome his battles with PTSD and deepen his relationship with Jesus at Sanctuary.

Gracey was able to overcome 19 years of living with anxiety and panic at Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Clinics helped me deal with childhood trauma. Not only did I overcome that but I also rediscovered my love for Christ!

I am truly a changed woman thanks to Sanctuary and I cannot thank them enough.

I’ve battled with Meth, addiction, sex, porn … you name it. My relationship with Jesus has deepened here at Sanctuary. I feel totally transformed.

EMDR takes you back into past hurts and helps you figure out ways and tools that you can use to go forward when you are having those anxious feelings.

Chris shares how Sanctuary helped him as a pastor to slow down and take time out for self-care which in turn saved his 39-year-old marriage.

Depression is hard but I realised here at Sanctuary that it isn’t just medications that help you.

Beth shares her story of hope and recovery at Sanctuary Clinics from a difficult season in her life.

“Sanctuary Clinics has been a healing place for me” says Karen.

Glenn shares how his therapist at Sanctuary Clinics helped him see things in a calmer and clearer way.

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About Sanctuary Clinics’

Hear What Our Patients Love About Sanctuary Clinics’

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